User Agreements

Public offer

This public offer (hereinafter - the Offer) provides access to the service in the Payment the Fast Facility Limited system (hereinafter - PS) defines the procedure and conditions under which the PS provides to the customer services of information and technological interaction with other participants in the PS the Fast Facility Limited system, to ensure access of the Fast Facility Limited customer to the services and client settlement with trade and service companies (hereinafter - TSC).

This agreement is addressed to individuals and legal entities (hereinafter - the Clients).

The offer is considered accepted and acquires the contract type from the moment when Client actions under the Offer constitutes acceptance of its terms in full.

The current version of Offer is available on the official website in the Internet at (hereinafter - the Website) and is mandatory to be introduced before acceptance by the Client to the terms and conditions with the Present Offer .

Payment service the Fast Facility Limited (hereinafter - System) - payment service, carrying out various operations including:

  1. payment of goods, works and services provided by the TSP;
  2. execution of other transactions provided for in the offer, other documents and permitted in accordance with the legislation of the Poland.

Liability of the Customer

The client himself is responsible for compliance with applicable legislation, including legislation on combating the legalization of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing; of cash and non-cash transactions; on personal data protection; tax legislation; banking law; currency legislation.

Each client is solely responsible for the compliance of their actions in carrying out operations with PS requirements and the requirements of the law, for any operations performed by it in connection with the implementation of operations in the substation by or with the assistance of the Fast Facility Limited, other data processing systems, telecommunications equipment.

The Client shall be solely responsible for taking the necessary measures to ensure the security of transactions carried out by the Customer in the PS, including in accordance with the internal terms of offer, regulations and other documents in the field of information security.

The presence on the client computer (as well as on any other medium, which interacts with the computer at the time working with the SS) malware ( "backdoors", "worms", "Trojan horses", "virus", "rootkits" malicious "payloads ", as well as and other malware) places the responsibility for all the losses incurred when using the PS to the Client.

The client guarantees that he has all the necessary knowledge to use the PS.

During using the PS on client computers must be installed : antivirus with an updated data base (not later than the date on which made the entrance to the PS, before Client will work in the PS , in any case he must update the installed base of antivirus database), firewall, and the updated version of Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or other programs for viewing web-pages (web-application), an updated version of the operating system and all installed software.

Using anonymization tools by client (proxy servers, SOCKS server, using anonymous network type "tor", and so on.) Is strictly prohibited when working with PS. Violation of this requirement imposes all responsibility for any losses and / or loss of profits on the Client.

Customer agrees not to use the access to the service for any illegal (non-legal) activities. In case of violation of the requirements of the service, service has the right to block the username and / or carried out operation,until the final decision by the court and / or other public authority with respect to the activities of the Customer and the funds from client eWallet.

Customer warrants that his work on the Internet is not contrary to the universally recognized principles and norms of morality.

The Customer undertakes to carry out the connection for communication with service only through legitimate providers and methods of communication (Internet, mobile, etc.).

Other provisions

Parties are not responsible for failure to fulfill mutual obligations in case if their failure was caused by force majeure arising after their accession to this Offer, or the occurrence of extraordinary events which could not be prevented or foreseen before their accession to this Offer. Party which is in the force majeure occasions is obligated to inform the other party no later than 10 days after the occurrence of these circumstances.

In cases not covered by this Offer, non-performance or improper performance by the Parties of their obligations under it entails responsibility in accordance with legislation.

Order of interaction in a controversial and extreme situations

In the event of disputes and emergencies, events that caused operational disruptions, including in the case of suspected key compromise, the Client shall immediately inform the system (via contact details) of these situations and events, their causes and consequences using any way which available for customer.

Further actions of the Parties are determined individually for each treatment on the agreement of the parties, and may also be regulated wholly or partly relevant treaty or certain internal documents of the Parties.

All disputes arising in the course of using the PS of this Offer shall be settled through negotiations.

The basis for negotiations is the sent written claim of one party to the other Party.

The claim is considered within thirty days of its receipt, then the Party which has received a claim will meet the stated requirements of the other Party, or sends her written reasoned refusal.

If the dispute can not be resolved using the complaint procedure within 60 days, either party may apply to the court at the location of the service.

Return is possible only in the case of funds that have been credited to the customer's account by the payment application for the purchase of EDS not spent. Bank commission at return may reach 3% of the amount of the initial payment.

Other provisions and risks related to force majeure

The Fast Facility Limited system shall not be liable with risks beyond the control of the company, including forc-majeure circumstances which led to the total or partial loss provision of funds from client's account, such as a fire or other restrictions on access to the means of providing a proven reserve of digital currency (Failure of the bank, payment systems , and other cases related to the complete or partial restriction of access to the provision of digital currency the Fast Facility Limited on the customer's account).

Records database service take precedence over customer records databases and other subjects of the PS in the proof of the authenticity of the respective electronic orders and notifications.

The customer may not transfer to third parties the rights and obligations arising from cooperation with a service in the framework of the PS, without the prior written consent of the service.

All messages about providing operations in the PS, must be sent by sender in the written document form, signed and sealed by an authorized representative or the head of the organization ,via registered mail or courier service to the mail addresses listed as the contact details of the service or email using the Fast Facility Limited software.

Annex №1

to the public offer for access to the Fast Facility Limited system services

The list of categories of goods and services prohibited (limited) in the system the Fast Facility Limited

Goods and services,that are prohibited service in the system the Fast Facility Limited:

  1. Narcotic, psychotropic and hallucinogenic drugs and substances,
  2. Tobacco and smoking products,
  3. Precious stones and metals and articles thereof,
  4. Used cosmetics,
  5. Malicious software,
  6. Weapons and ammunition,
  7. Dangerous and perishable goods,
  8. Personal data of individuals.

The Fast Facility Limited system has the right to refuse to perform the operations that violate the provisions of this Annex.

Before registering, the customer confirms that he have read the requirements of this Annex and fully agree with them.

Return policy

You can return the money to the card, choosing in your account section "Transfer" and choose the method (to the bank card).

If you do not want to go through the verification procedure on our website immediately after the successful payment, the return to the card will be made automatically after 36 hours after payment.

Please note that the order of return to the card can take from 1 to 30 working days, depending on the bank that issued your card.

Account closure / cancellation policy

Each inactive account will eventually be automatically removed from the system if we see that no one is using it. If you want to close the account, simply delete the data about it in your system - in due course it will be automatically deleted from our PC.

You can also close your wallet account.

You need to contact support on pagе or in the SUPPORT section of your account:

  1. You need to apply for the account closure.
  2. You need to state a reason why you require your account cancellation.
  3. All uncommitted funds in your account will be transferred to your bank card or your bank account.
  4. You need to wait for the uncommitted funds to be credited to your card / account for up to 30 days.

AML / KYC policy

The Fast Facility Limited adheres to the international policy in the field of combating terrorism and money-laundering.


The Fast Facility Limited is an internationally licensed payment services provider. Companies entering into the corporation comply with the requirements for combating money laundering and terrorism. Each Client of the system is obliged to familiarize himself with this policy before using the service and performing any operations related to the transfer of funds. The latest version of the policy can be found at


The employee of the company conducts continuous monitoring for suspicious activity in the wallet system.

An operation that raises doubts of one of the employees of financial monitoring on the basis of experience, or in the case of an explicit nature of a suspicious operation can be considered as suspicious activity.

We especially follow the black lists of the OFAC list of accessories to terrorism, both individuals and legal entities.

‘Know Your Customer’ Verification Procedures.

The Company conducts the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedures to avoid the risk of being held liable and to protect itself from a Customer’s attempting to use the Company for carrying out illegal activities.

Recommendations for the site, for passing moderation

Please note the site requirements for creating a merchant on the e-wallet

  1. The site must be functioning, with filled content, working internal links
  2. There must be a high-quality favicon and logo
  3. The content must match the site
  4. The presence of empty or broken structural elements of the site is unacceptable, all pages must be filled in.
  5. The site must be made publicly available and not require a login/password to log in
  6. A valid SSL certificate with a high level of trust
  7. Availability of contacts for communication with the site administration
  8. Availability of the offer agreement on the website
  9. It is mandatory, the site must have the rules of operation
  10. The Site should not be used for the distribution and advertising of goods or services of an illegal, criminal nature that do not comply with generally accepted ethical and legal norms
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