In Berty Wallet we put people, convenience and availability of all necessary services in the center of everything we work for. Since the founding of the company, we have been leading the electronic payments market. Berty offers a more convenient and secure way to manage your money, as well as various methods of making payments and personal transfers without commission. We serve a large number of active users around the world, we support an open and secure payment ecosystem, through which people and companies effectively make payments via the Internet. Berty Cash has built a global platform, represented in more than 200 countries, allowing merchants to receive payments in the most sought after currencies.

Berty allows each user to pay for purchases and send money without disclosing payment details or other personal information.

Berty Wallet offers a range of online payment solutions. Vendors can install the solution on their website, which is provided by one of our trusted agent gateways, or you can do the integration yourself using business API integration. This is a faster and safer way to receive funds via the Internet - the money goes to a Berty Wallet account and can be withdrawn to many popular payment systems with a worldwide reputation.

Berty Wallet develops e-commerce in the world. Thanks to the activities of Berty it becomes possible to make payments in different parts of the planet at any time of the day or night.

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